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In Early Years and Year 1, we use the scheme ‘Little Wandle’ to teach phonics and have fidelity to this scheme. You will get the opportunity to come in to school for Phonics Open Mornings and see how we teach your children. Also, look out for handy information on Tapestry.

Our children are taught as whole class groups for their phonics. Your child will receive a weekly book that will have a particular focus upon the sound/group of sounds they have been working on. The aim of this is to practice their phonological knowledge to improve their reading fluency. A shared reading book can be chosen to take home at weekends for you to enjoy together.

In June, all Year 1 children will be expected to undertake a statutory Phonics Screening Check. The aim of this is to check that each child is making the expected progress in phonics and using their skills to decode unfamiliar words when reading. The check comprises of a list of forty words, both real and nonsense, which each child reads one to one with a teacher. The children get to practice this several times across the year so they are familiar with the process and parents will be notified of their child’s progress. For any children that do not pass the check, they will receive extra support and resit in Year 2. If they do not pass the check in Year 2, they will receive specific phonic interventions in Year 3. 

In order to assist your child, we have a range of documents and videos on this page to help practise phonics at home. To find out more about ‘Little Wandle’, click here. Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.



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