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At St. Andrew's we believe in the power of Philosophy on children. Philosophy for Children (P4C) is an educational initiative built on the aspiration for discussion about questions that matter. P4C gives children an opportunity to discuss big ideas in a safe and structured way. Every child has the right to their own opinion, and a responsibility not to deny others' this right. Through our P4C teaching, we promote our pupils’ awareness that each opinion is valued and should be respected, even if it differs from others.  We believe that empowering the children to think in a philosophical way will greatly enrich them as learners and as people, it will also help drive academic success. We are also passionate about giving children the tools to think better when they’re faced with new and possibly challenging situations.

As well as children having regular Philosophy sessions in the class, P4C is an integral part of our Worship. Each month we have a P4C question that complements our Value of the month. Children are encouraged to contribute their ideas in worship but also at lunchtime where children are invited to add their ideas to our 'Philosophy board' in our dinning hall. 

See below for our monthly worship P4C questions, as well as pictures of children's ideas on our Philosophy board. On the right, you will find our Long term curriculum plans where P4C is detailed (last page), as well as our P4C progression document.

September: Value of the month - LOVE. P4C question: Can you show love to someone you don’t know well?

October: Value of the month - RESILIENCE. P4C question: Is it OK to be afraid?

Philosophy for Children

November: Value of the month - UNITY. P4C question: When is it difficult to work in a team?

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December: Value of the month - THANKFULNESS. P4C question: Is it more rewarding to give or to receive gifts?

January: Value of the month - ASPIRATION. P4C question: Are there ever ‘bad’ aspirations?


February: Value of the month - COMPASSION. P4C question: : Can you feel compassion for someone who has done something that upset you?


March: Value of the month - FORGIVENESS. P4C question: Is saying sorry enough?

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April: Value of the month - EXCELLENCE. P4C question: If you could, would you be EXCELLENT at everything?

May: Value of the month - COMPASSION. P4C question: Is it better to have one BEST friend or lots of friends?

June: Value of the month - RESPECT. P4C question: Are your parents always right?

July: Value of the month - COURAGE. P4C question: When have your parents / family member had to courage in their life?

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