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Our Classes this Term

Our classes are mixed Y5 and Y6 and aim to inspire every child's love of learning through our topic based curriculum and creative classrooms. We teach English, Maths and Science in mixed ability groupings as research shows this has a positive impact on all ability levels. This term’s our topic is ‘The Ancient Greeks’. We will be learning all about how the Ancient Greeks have influenced our lives- including culture, architecture, language and the way we elect our leaders.


At St Andrew’s, we love reading. Reading is an essential part of learning so we hope that children read at home as much as possible. Please keep a log of their reading in your child’s reading record and return this to school daily. Children are expected to change their reading books independently so please let us know if this is not happening


Children are expected to wear their PE kit to school on their PE day. For Years 5 and 6 their PE day this year is Thursday.


Year 6 children will be taking part in the statutory Key Stage 2 Standard Aptitude Test, (SATs) in May. They will sit tests in 3 subject areas:

  • Maths- arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning
  • Spelling Punctuation and Grammar.

Writing will be assessed by teacher judgement, based on the writing they have produced throughout the year. These tests are used to set a target for your child in secondary school, meaning that if the children reach their full potential in these test, secondary schools must ensure they reach the same comparative level in their GCSEs.

We will be having a SATs meeting in the Spring Term after school, so please sign up to ParentMail to keep up to date when this will happen and other events. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us. We are available every day after school or you can email us on:

Phil Bailey (William Knibb teacher / Year group leader) 

Rachel Eager (Malala Yousafzai teacher) 

Charlotte Marks (Stephen Hawking teacher)

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