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At St Andrew’s C of E Primary, we strive to make young minds grow and enable all children and adults to reach their full potential.  By using physical objects, pictorial diagrams and abstract representations, children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, learn to reason mathematically and to solve problems.  We believe that being able to talk about the mathematics the children are experiencing is vital for them to be able to reason and solve problems, so we use rich questioning and discussion, active and involving teaching approaches and actively encourage reflection on learning.

To become fluent in maths, we believe that children should practice their fundamental mathematical skills regularly to help with their deeper understanding of mathematics. With this in mind, we have developed ambitious expectations for our children’s rapid recall of key facts. Below is our Rapid Recall Progression document that shows our expectations of what arithmetic skills children should be fluent in by the end of each term and year group. 

Our calculation policy demonstrates how at St Andrew’s we progress through each year group, and what methods we use for formal and informal calculations. Our chosen methods are backed up by research and experiences, but they may differ from what parents and carers were taught when they were at school. If there are any adults at home that would like some help in understanding our calculation policy, please get in contact with your class teacher and they will be happy to help.

Our Maths Curriculum Overviews and Schemes of Work.

At St Andrew’s we follow the WhiteRose Maths curriculum. This curriculum matches our maths philosophy and intent, taking children through practical, solid examples before moving on to pictorial and then more abstract problems. Click here if would like to go to the Whiterose Maths website and select a Year Group’s overview. You can click on the unit blocks to see the detailed schemes of learning. If you would like to see the Reception overview, please click here.

We will update this page periodically with updates, videos or news concerning our maths curriculum at St Andrew’s, and if you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

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