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Writing at St Andrew’s

At St Andrew’s, we use the Talk for Writing approach across the school. This method focusses on three clear stages, imitation, innovation and independent writing and units are mapped out across the school to ensure a wide range of genres are covered and then applied across the curriculum. Each unit taught begins with a ‘Cold Write’ which is an initial independent write to allow class teachers to clearly identify areas that need to be explicitly taught. During the innovation section, the children will get to learn a model text by using text maps and actions. These come home with the children so they can practice and share what they have learnt with parents and carers. After lots of teaching and practice, the children then go on to write their own piece of independent writing know as a ‘Hot Write’. Grammar and the technicalities of writing are embedded within our English lessons. The expectations of the new curriculum are high, with children needing a secure knowledge and understanding of formal grammar, including technical vocabulary.  We carry out three writing workshops a year where parents and carers are invited into school to see what we do and learn more about English at St Andrew’s.

Handwriting at St Andrew's

At St Andrew’s we follow the Kinetic Letters scheme for teaching handwriting. Kinetic letters is a scheme that allows children to learn letter formation through movement. Alongside this, children are taught exercises to strengthen core muscles which helps with their writing. Starting in Reception, children become familiar with the characters of Brave Monkey and Scared Monkey, to help them recognise where to start to form each letter. In Reception, the children read the stories about these two monkeys and begin to learn the different letter families. Children begin to join letters from Year 2 upwards. Videos to show you how we form each letter can be found on St Andrew’s TV (on the homepage).

Spelling at St Andrew’s

At St Andrew’s, we use the No Nonsense Spelling approach which enables teachers to deliver active spelling lessons from Year 2 to Year 6. Children will investigate and gain understanding of key spelling patterns and get the opportunity to activate prior knowledge by revisiting previous learning. Lessons are delivered over the year, in a series of planned out sessions, where children will be introduced to new concepts and given the opportunity to practise their skills.



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