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Year One - David Attenborough Class Staff

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This year the children in Key Stage One will be learning through a broad and exciting topic-based curriculum.  The three topics for 2019-2020 are:

Autumn Term – FIRE  (a topic with a History focus learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666, including a visit to London)

Spring term – HOT and COLD ( a topic with a Geography focus learning about countries and continents and life in different parts of the world, including a visit to Twycross Zoo to support our Science focus of how animals survive and adapt to their habitat).

Summer Term – THROUGH THE EYES OF A PAINTER (a topic with a language, art and technology focus exploring the landscape around them and learning various skills, including a visit to the local Alfred East Art Gallery plus opportunities to explore and represent different local landscapes)


In Key Stage One reading is of high priority and we aim to develop all children’s love of reading.  We do this through reading a class story to the children every day.  We also give the children the opportunity to visit our new library each week and choose a book to take home and share with their family every weekend.  As part of the new arrangements for reading at home all children will be given a reading book matched to their current phonics phase / level of fluency.  The book will be sent home on a Monday to be read every day at home. The expectation is that all children will pledge 10 minutes every day to read.  As they become more fluent with reading the text they will be challenged to answer questions about the text and infer information.  It is expected that parents will record in their reading diaries when they have read with their child.  Their book and reading diary need to be brought in to school everyday so that class teacher’s can check their progress.  The books will be collected in every Friday so that a new one can be issued for the following week.  Children can enjoy sharing their library book with their family at the weekend.


In Key Stage One the main expectation is that every child reads at home for 10 mins every day.

In addition to this, a spelling activity is sent home each week on a Friday which practices the spelling rule that they have been taught in class that week.   It is expected that this is completed and returned by the following Wednesday so that it can be marked and any support given to individual children as necessary.

During the Spring and Summer terms, we will also be sending Maths homework every Friday which will be practising a skill that they have been taught throughout the week.

Every term the children are given a set of challenges for them to complete linked to the current topic.  The challenges enable the children to pick an area of the curriculum that interests them and be creative.  The topic homework is set at the beginning of each full term and allows the children to spend a few minutes each week working towards a challenge chosen by them.  Their homework project is brought in on a given date and presented at a Homework showcase for parents.  All of the children’s efforts are celebrated at this event.  Children also share information about the current topic and usually entertain the parents with a song or poem etc.  We hope that we can achieve 100% of the children completing at least one of the topic homework challenges.


It is vital that all children are provided with the opportunities to be fit and active and develop a love of exercise and sport.  We are committed to providing the children with opportunities throughout the week to develop these skills.  It is a statutory part of the curriculum.

All children need to have their PE kit which consists of black or navy shorts, a plain white t-shirt, plimsoles and trainers in school every day.  Our main P.E. session is on a Wednesday afternoon but the children sometimes require their kit on other days as well.  During the winter, we still aim to take the children outside so they also need leggings/joggers and a hoody or zippy.  We do have some spare kit that children can borrow occasionally if they forget their own kit but we will also send a polite reminder note home as well so that parents can send in the correct kit ready for the next session.


We carry out ongoing formative assessments all of the time and are more than happy to discuss your child’s achievements and progress with you at anytime.  Please make an appointment through the office.  More formal summative assessments are carried out at the end of each main term in order for us to monitor your child’s progress and ensure that they are on track with their learning.  If we feel that they are at risk of not reaching age-related expectations then we put interventions and support in place to help each child.  We will also discuss ways in which you can support your child at home and we can work together as a partnership.

In year One, all children are required to take a statutory Phonics Screening check in June.  This test involves the children reading 40 phonetically decodable words.  It is expected that all children will reach the age-related level to pass and if they fall below this then they will be given individual support in order to achieve this.   If they do not pass the phonics screening check in Year One they have to do another phonics screening check the following June when they are in Year 2.  The school is required to submit the results of this test to the Department of education.

In Year Two, all children are required to take their SATs in May.  There are 2 reading comprehension papers, a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test and 2 Maths papers (arithmetic and reasoning and problem-solving).  In addition to this, children are assessed against the Key Stage one expectations for writing and Science. The school is required to submit the results of this test to the Department of education.


I hope that you have found this information useful.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher or myself (Lisa Lewell – Key Stage One Leader. We are all available on a Tuesday after school (3.15-3.45pm) and appointments can be made via the school office.


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