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Welcome to Reception

In Reception we believe that 'learning is fun!' We have worked hard to create an inviting and stimulating environment that the children feel comfortable to learn in. Our continuous provision enables children to explore and learn with a variety of equipment and natural resources. Staff are always available to observe, encourage and extend children. This way the children can become confident, independent learners.

Virtual Base Learning

We don't take the children away from their independent learning and wonderful creations that they are involved in. Instead we set aside a time each day where all the children in Reception stop and then go to a different base to learn. The children are grouped into 4 learning groups (mostly by ablility) and are then involved in specific teaching sessions. These include literacy, maths, physical and personal and social sessions. We believe this helps the children to be fully engaged in their learning as they are less likely to be worried about what their friend might be 'playing with' or what models and creations might get broken.  Instead they can focus fully on their learning. 

Kinetic Letters

Kinetic Letters is our whole school handwriting programme. Every morning the children will enjoy physical activities to improve the strength in their core muscles, wrist and forearm. They will also be taught how to hold a pencil and will learn how to form letters correctly. Eventually this will enable our children to write with a good flow and fluency.


Every afternoon the children get into groups and are taught a discreet phonic session. To begin with the sessions involve learning a new phoneme (sound) each day, then we build up to blending and segmenting phonemes. Our aim is for the children to be able to read and write simple sentences independently by the end of the Reception year. 


We encourage parent's to support our teaching by completing the following with their child. 
  • Daily reading and phonics practise.
  • Phonics homework every week.
  • Values passport once a month.
  • Please mark in the reading journal when you hear your child read. Please hand in your child’s reading folder if you need their book changed – thank you!
  • Reading folders need to be in school everyday!!
  • Yellow Phonic books on Thursdays. 


In Early Years we use an online service called Tapestry. We would very much like our parents to become part of their own child’s Learning Journey. All you have to do is let us have your email address. We will then add you to the service and every time we add an observation for your child you will receive an email and you can have a look at the observations. Once you are logged in you can also add observations yourself of activities your child has completed at home.

Reception Blog

We really hope you enjoy looking at our reception blog with your child. Once you have signed the internet permission form we can put photos of your child on the blog. Then you will be able to see what they are doing and learning about each week. Please use the blue link button at the top of the page!

It would be great if you could add comments for us – we can then share these in the classroom!!               

Our Topics

  • Autumn Term - Families and people who help us.
  • Spring - Once upon a time...
  • Summer - Growing. 

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