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In EY and KS1 we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach phonics and have fidelity to this scheme. We supplement our Phonics teaching with mnemonics, exciting resources and engaging teaching strategies to help our children learn the different aspects of phonics. 

Our children are taught as whole class groups for their phonics and associated reading skills. Your child will receive a weekly book that will have a particular focus upon the sound/group of sounds they have been working on. This book is in addition to any other literature your child would like to read from our school selection and/or at home. The aim of this is to practice their phonological knowledge to improve their reading fluency. Please see your child’s class teacher if you would like any more information. 

In order to assist your child, you can access videos created by our teaching staff through our website – specifically, St Andrew’s TV! These videos will be uploaded during January 2020 and will assist in helping your children with the specific sound that they are learning.

For more information on Phonics or the Phonics screening check, please see this government link which contains a guide for parents on the site:

Our phonics sequence of learning is accessible through this link.

You can listen to the pure phonemes sounds here:


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