REQM Gold Award

Dear Parent/carer,

It has come to our attention via a national newspaper article (read the full article here) that children playing the popular online game, Movie Star Planet, have been sent obscene messages by adults posing as children within the game. We have not heard of any incident at our school or any other schools in our area but we felt it important to bring this matter to your attention.

It should be understood that incidents such as this are not limited to Movie Star Planet, which is a fantastic game for children and is very well moderated, but this can happen anywhere online where communication can take place.

Our advice is as follows:

  1. Check which online games and social media apps your children use.
  2. Ensure you and your child know how to report and/or block if any inappropriate activity is witnessed.
  3. Dependent on age, parental supervision is paramount when your child is online.
  4. Ensure your child knows that he/she can come to you if they see or hear anything that upsets them.

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