William Knibb Class

Another academic year has started and William Knibb class are raring to get on with their learning. This Term we are delving into the world of the Commonwealth and how the British Empire got started. Our 'Queen and Country' topic will be with us all the way to Christmas and we are excited to choose our own learning journeys once we have a little knowledge under our belt. 

In PE we are developing our football skills and if the weather stops us from going outside we will be learning about dance. 

Watch this space for updates on trips and special events. 



Topic/Science Homework

Children will have received an A4 sheet which outlines their topic homework for this term.

As it says on the sheet, children need to choose at least 1 activity

These 3 pieces of work will complete their topic homework. As always, we expect the quality and content of the work to be reflective of a full term of work from a Year 5/6 pupil.

We do have a lunchtime club for children who find it challenging to complete topic homework at home. If you feel that this would be beneficial, please come and see one of us.  

Weekly Homework:

Your child will recieve at least one piece of homework each week. It will usually be maths or spelling based, but it will always be reflective of what your child have been learning over the last few weeks. If you have an questions regarding a specific week's homework, let your class teacher know and we will try to find a solution. 


Below is a link to the MATHSANTICS website. This website provides engaging videos that will help teach children the fundimentals of the concepts we teach our children. 


Photos of the Year 5+6 learning environments and their class charters.