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This term our topic is based on the theme “Heroes and Heroines.” In the first half term we will be focussing on Greece, including Ancient Greece. To begin, children will find where Greece is on a map and look at the surrounding islands. We will then consider how the climate and landscape decide the food they eat; Greek Gods and Goddesses; a history timeline; famous Greek Philosophers and a study of the Ancient Olympics: How were they started? When was the first Olympic Games held?

After half term, we will move into modern-day superheroes – starting with a superhero costume day on the first day back (see topic homework). Can everybody/anyone be a hero? What does it take to be a superhero? Do you have to have special powers?




Parental Support

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Topic homework:

To plan, create and become a new and original SUPERHERO...
- Design and create a costume (including an original badge/logo)
- What will your special power / feature be?
- How will you protect yourself?

Design an original Comic Book front cover for your superhero...

  • - You can use pencils/pens, paint, collage or even a computer programme. Use your imagination and be creative!
  • - Optional extra: create a comic book story strip of your superhero’s adventures!


Weekly Homework:

Maths homework will be set by your child’s set teacher and will vary from week to week, depending on the learning taking place in school. Literacy/spelling homework should be handed in every Friday in the children’s pink homework books. Each week the children should be writing a minimum of 8 sentences using their spelling words – these words are in the children’s spelling booklets. These sentences should be reflective of your child’s ability and not just basic sentences. Some pupils have been asked to go a little further and write several paragraphs. The aim of this homework is for the children to practice some of the learning taking place in writing lessons.

This could include:

•A range of punctuation


•Experimenting with different openers

•High level vocabulary

•Trying out writing targets

In addition to sentence writing, pupils must complete a spelling activity of their choice in their homework books. Homework is a very important part of the children’s education as it consolidates important learning taking place in school. We appreciate your support with ensuring your children are getting the most out of their learning.



All Year 5/6 classes have PE on a Wednedsay. Please ensure your children have their full PE kit.

Photos of the Year 5+6 learning environments and their class charters.