REQM Gold Award

"There is a great atmosphere in school. The children who showed us around were so excited and were very proud of their work."(Parent)

“Students showed a clear love of learning and the ‘Growth Mindset’ culture supported resilience if they at first found concepts challenging. It was a joy to witness the thrill of pupils when they mastered difficult concepts and punched the air in excitement shouting “Yes! Yes!” (PDET)

“The school is truly Christian values led; an approach which has a consistently positive impact on pupils’ performance and well being.”(World Class Schools)

“St. Andrew’s is a place of high expectations. There is an ethos of driving improvement so that each individual makes at least good progress.”(World Class Schools)

"Parents spoke to me openly and with warmth about their support for the school and how the school’s leadership has transformed their children’s attitude to learning."(PDET)


After our big focus on improving our child's physical and mental health we have been awarded the EMBEDDED status for the Healthier Child Project 2020. There is a video of how we earnt our award in the 'improving our community' section of our website.